Why ApuanEat?



Why Apuaneat? Why really the Apuan Alps?

Because they belong to  the most evocative landscape of Tuscany: sea and Alps together in a patch of land.
Because they are the only one for  geological formation and sole sun exposure.
Because they always have been called  as “the Mountains of water”,  and if it is true that where there is water so it is life, then when the water is plentiful life is better. The Apuan Alps are natural home for more than half of plants living in Italy; you might find both continental and Mediterranean species, with a wide variety of herbs and medical plants.

Because they have a history and a culture deeply-rooted in the important work and in the earth. Just think about the lardo :once  it was the only poor  food for the workers of the quarry  whereas it is now worldwide recognized as an excellence .

Because the typical products of the Lunigiana, Garfagnana and  the Apuan Alps get produced for delicate superfine palates.
Because the Lands of 100 Castles together with the quarries of the white marble of Carrara still keep covered secrets to get discovered with  a unforgettable  visit…