Vigne Conti

The wine Company Vigne Conti was born in 2011 in the hills of north Tuscany in Massa, Candia , located between the high and rugged Apuan Alps , whose white marble colour contrasts with the lush green plains planted with vines , which accompanies the steep green hills and down to the sea through a short plain.

The vinegrapes varieties grown are : Vermentino , Chardonnay, Albarola , Merlot , Sangiovese and Massaretta by

which arise DOC wines of Candia of Apuan Hills .

The company, with its 6 hectares of terraced vineyards and all with views of the Sea, establishing a cultivation of other times, without herbicides, tries to get the finished product as natural as possible;  following each vineyard with a customized strategy as the interaction with the microclimate of the grape is unique.

The company seeks to achieve the goal with passion , not simply to produce wines that

are the best expression of the Land and climate returning with its products in the category of Heroic wines , those wines sons of toil , sweat, products in inaccessible lands