Podere Fedespina

The wine company Podere Fedespina is located near Mulazzo in Tuscany surrounded by the green mountains of Lunigiana. Mirta Fedespina and Antonio Farina, owners of the land, wine lovers, have always thought that the high Lunigiana, rich and generous in terms of nature , could be able to produce quality wines, while safeguarding the territorial specificity, without approvals with the wines produced in other regions.

In 2003 they decided to demolish the old vineyards, about 3 hectares that ware abandoned seeds and planted a hectare of vineyard with Merlot in prevalence (present in our area since the early twentieth century) and Ciliegiolo, suitable to express the area in all its characteristics in particular Merlot as high Lunigiana climate is similar in morphology to the land of origin of this vine, that is the region of Bordeaux in France.

The vineyard is situated in an area of the farm that has a display and an ideal climate for ambitious viticulture . The soil is limestone and clay with a predominance of clay in the first part where there Ciliegiolo and Merlot used for “Spinorosso “ type;it has a prevalence limestone with a strong presence of pebbles, in the second part where there is only Merlot used for “” .  In the same vineyard are then two ” souls ” for the first one the more clayey and rich in organic matter that gives the wine “classic” more floral and fruity scents, and for second core more calcareous and poor that forces the Merlot to deepen its roots to the search for minerals “hidden” that give the wine elegance and austerity so “Reserve” .

“We consider our vineyard a garden and we treat it as such , it no herbicide, work to a minimum and only a manual care to respect the environment . This is because we believe it is the right approach to preserve, and if possible, improve our earth that is our home where we live. The fertilization is not made ​​every year , not to “force” the screw and using only manure of our barn. We try to make a precision viticulture and quality where every action is calivrated to the minimum dose necessary to achieve a healthier and better grapes from the organoleptic point of view . The grapes are harvested and selected manually  in small cases only in the morning to take her to the basement ( where it is still checked) at a low temperature for not to jeopardize the flavor . ”

The Spinorosso by its nature more fresh and fruity goes into the third hand barriques for at least one year while the  , being more structured and complex, for at least 15 months is 15% in new barrels and used in the second step for the remaining 85%. Wood is looking for stability and not the taste, which is why most woods are used. This is done using a low sulfur this because you want the wines, as well as coupons are digestible and healthy, so that their moderate use is a source not only of pleasure, physical and mental wellbeing