Malatesta Sergio

If Lunigiana is the a land of villages, castles, green nature, it is still definitely also a land of fine cuisine and genuine products, able to maintain over time the aromas and flavors of goodness, which is the temptation for more forgivable, is not easy to resist. The list of delicacies prepared by Malatesta Company goes from the chestnut harvest of Valley Bagnone that get prepared  with ancient methode continuing with the by now famous onion of Treschietto. This great variety of onion is sown and grown in local soils and harvested after a working procedure strictly manually  performed.

Marmellate – jams

Malatesta company  produces various types of Jams:

jam of peaches,

jam of figs,

jam of Treschietto’s Onion

jam of blueberries of Lunigiana, all that is the evocation of ancient fragrances and flavors.

The products do not contain dyes or preservatives.

Chestnut flour of Valley Bagnone

Chestnut flour Val Bagnone gets produced using traditional methods they used to be.

The chestnuts are dried onto “gradili” that are ancient stone structures; on the stone floor is fire thanks to its heat goes to dry chestnuts, placed above on the grate .

Chestnuts as tradition get stone ground.

The flour of the Valley of Bagnone is unmistakable sweet flavor. Great for making cakes, cookies, pasta and bread