The Larderia San Michele is located in Colonnata, Tuscany in the Apuan Alps, between the marble quarries and chestnut forests.

Larditalia Ltd , at Larderia San Michele, processes and creates the famous Lardo di Colonnata.

Larditalia is a young company that has inherited experience and secular traditions to offer a few lucky foodies a product with unique features.

The small village of Colonnata is situated in the district of the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, is placed on a straight, narrow gorge facing towards the sea.

During the summer it is common that the breeze brings scents from the sea. The cellars of the houses Colonnata are often carved into the rock and iy keeps them fresh even in summer. The peculiar geographical location and exposure to the sun in the village have great importance for the determination of a local microclimate, that is ideal for typical seasoning of the cured meats.

In this village you may appreciate the old town and enjoy in the various inns the famous and renowned Lardo IGP

Country where you can breathe clean airs scented myrtle, oregano, mint, thyme and sea breezes smelling of seaweed and salt.

Microclimate unique and unrepeatable.

Larditalia Ltd processes and creates at Larderia San Michele, various types of Seasoned Lardo:

the famous Lardo di Colonnata IGP and Lardo San Michele.