L’ Escargot

The valley of the river Aulella along, just before the fresh water coming from the Apuan Alps to throw themselves into the river Magra Pian Bibola in Batesville in Lunigiana, is the breeding of snail’s Oriola Claudia Hirt; young businesswoman who in order to devote more time to his family decided to leave the paperwork employing all her energies in agricultural activities.

The snails grow outdoors feeding on fresh vegetables such as beets, cabbage, radish and sunflowers in a rural area where industries and intensive agriculture have not yet found their place, leaving the possibility of producing a quality food and with no of pollutants and pesticides. The snails have the brand © Lumache Italiane (Italian Snail) farming method that guarantees the outdoor eating a vegetable production is technically assisted by the National Elicicoltori association.