Azienda Agricola Cormezzano

Located in the territory of Lunigiana, near the village of Fivizzano at the foot of the Apuan Alps, the Farm Cormezzano born from the passion for the nature of the Mori’s family, who always has been farmers from seven generations. The company produces Agrigola cheeses, dairy products of the highest quality meats and sausages, which, as the slogan in their own brand declares:  get made “as good as they once used to be .”

The cheeses produced on the farm Cormezzano are still processed with the processing procedures at old times. Precisely for this reason are also appreciated by nutritional experts in the field, and after having tried and tested the goodness of Cormezzano, have decided to dedicate this singular reality several articles and national italian television RAI services. Among these programms is the transmission Green Line on Rai Uno, whose compliments the Farm for the excellence achieved by rewarding hard work and sacrifice so that the Mori family has done over time.