Azienda Agricola Apuana

The commercial farm Azienda Agricola Apuana┬áis located in Fosdinovo in the lands of Lunigiana in Tuscany , was conceived about 20 years ago with a friend , on the trails of the Alps, those that lead to Sagro ( the sacred mountain , where the Ligurians – Apuanis lit the fire from the gods ) , the Grondilice , Pizzo d ‘ uccellod and the ramparts of the Pisanino .

Four peaks four “A” to ” Azienda Agricola ApuanA”.

Ettore Gregorini has inherited the small farm from his parents : “I had in my pocket a degree in Agriculture from the University of Pisa to act in this reality called ” marginal ” , the choice of organic as proactive and attentive , a continuity of faith with the world of fields , my memories and my Father “.

The entire projet revised in a modern and scientific certification and the relationship with Bioagricert certificate , the certifying body for organic products .

The farm, operating as a social moment, is not the isolation in the world of earth.

His wife has believed and Ca ‘ d’r Moreto has become a small gym for Alice , their daughter.

It’s a beautiful story that grows and develops more energy . In their company, you can still live a good relationship with the rural world , with nature, to rediscover the special smells, tastes , colors, sounds and silence. Hiking, mountain biking , visits to castles, to the rise Sagro experiences are ideal to enjoy this corner of the world