Antica Salumeria Oligeri

Born at the beginning of the twentieth century by Mario Oligeri , when in the Tuscan village San Terenzo Monti was in vogue sharecropping , with all the rites , the smells , the tastes that arose and revolved around the picturesque world of butchers engaged in the preparation of sausages derived from the succulent meat of pigs slaughtered for family use , the old delicatessen Oligeri , which in that particular context in Lunigiana has always played a leading importance for the understanding of systems for preparing and curing of meats and the use of spices of excellent quality blended according to a recipe created on their own, still perpetuates the tradition of the past by offering a range of products made by other methods of processing craft , using meat ( only domestic pigs ) and very excellent  ingredients .The company, family-run alongside the delicatessen shop for the retail of its products.