About Us

Who is Apuaneat ?

It is a Team of Chef , Agronomy , Manufacturers of typical Products , Technicians Local Products , with the sole mission is to promote high quality food products of the Territory and the facilities of excellence. All of our distribution network is mapped in order to give assurance to the customer that the product is genuine. Our products are few, only a lucky few, the quality is identified by the phrase “as it was once.” What drives us in our daily work is the passion in what we do and do it to the fullest.

What is the Portal Apuaneat ?

For Restaurateurs and Hoteliers

It is a showcase where you can find the best accommodation facilities in the Territory selected national and international levels that can be a guarantee for the customer .

It is a new way of having online booking, where Apuaneat ago by Guarantor against the restaurateur for the reservation is not successful .

For the Lovers of Local Products and Earth

It is a new way of supporting what will be the change in the future , return to the appreciationof what is genuine healthy ecosotenibile typical with its own identity and millenarian , especially the return to the contact with the Earth with the traditional flavors that expresses the Territory .

It is a new way to get to know the facilities with their history , their recipes , their dishes.

It is a fun and safe new way to book your dinner , your own holiday.

It is a guarantee for the excellence of the accommodation facilities in the portal both Italian and International .